Google logo on a wood wall

CCH Marketing Hand-Picked for Google Elevator Program

CCH Marketing was personally selected as one of 18 agencies to participate in the distinguished Google Elevator program in early 2018.


Google recognized CCH as a rising digital agency with the knowledge and potential to grow exponentially in an increasingly competitive digital environment.


Agencies selected for the exclusive program receive special coaching from Google experts via meetings and remote mentoring sessions, with the goal of further developing tools to help clients succeed.


CCH’s founder and president, Cristina Calvet-Harrold, attended the training session in Atlanta, Ga., alongside 18 representatives from other agencies across the U.S. In addition, Chris Delahoz, Digital Campaign Manager, attended the Google AdWords Audience and Automation expert sessions.


“CCH Marketing is honored to have been chosen by Google for this prestigious experience, and we’re excited to use our newfound knowledge to increase our clients’ online presence,” said Calvet-Harrold.