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State of Orange County 2023 Presentation

Client: Orange County Florida Government

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OCFL State of the County 2023 259
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Since 2019, Wonderland has assisted the Orange County mayor’s office with several public presentations, including this year’s highly anticipated State of the County address. This public multi-media presentation is typically a massively collaborative effort, featuring content inclusions from local government, law enforcement, emergency services, community partners, and cultural representatives from Orlando’s diverse population. This year’s theme was “Taking Orange County to the Next Level.”

Utilizing the latest and most dynamic version of Microsoft PowerPoint, our design team combined video, still images, and bold typography into an informational session that felt organic and complimentary to Mayor Deming’s script. We were able to incorporate subtle, eye-pleasing motion that accentuated the theme and felt native to the event’s branding.

The presentation for 2023 took place in the Linda Chapin Theatre of the Orange County Convention Center, a multi-million dollar state-of-the-art hub for Orlando’s numerous conventions and activities.  The Wonderland design team presented visuals live from backstage, and functioned as part of a team  of theatre and broadcast professionals all working to bring the show to life.

View the presentation in its entirety below.

SOTC - Behind-The-Scenes

Take a look at how we worked behind the scenes with Orange County government to build the perfect presentation for Mayor Demings. 

Over the course of several weeks we worked to produce a visual style that suited the theme of the year. We then mocked up design schematics for motion and content flow in that visual style. Finally, once content was finalized, we prepared photography, typography, and additional media for inclusion. As there were many moving pieces from different entities including the mayor himself, some portions of the presentation were edited up to curtain call. 


This level of attention and dedication is a hallmark of Wonderland’s success.